Jennifer Bliman

The French Horn Girl

French Horn Videos

1st Live Performance of Charles Fernandez's Scherzo for Horn and Band PNBJaJmqzPo

 Ralph Hermann Horn Concerto Mvt. 3


 Over the Rainbow (Royal Room Lounge Show at Canoga Bowl)4OXZvpsoSOk

 French Horn Tap Dancing!Tn5CikcYlZ0

 Hula-Hooping while playing the horn!4RTenU9Wz2Y

 Put Another Nickel in the Nickelodeon!xbsc9HYTm7U

 The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow...xRJRQqVMHf8


 TV Themes on French Hornz0w5qXzneOc

 Old Gumbie Cat from CATSL3nyifYN9tg

 Goodbye to Love--Karen CarpenterQZBOzrROLoI

 You Gotta Pick a Pocket or Two from Oliver-lBPN2A02qA

Gymnastics Clips


Playing at Disneyland

Disney Movie Medleysh-_4mly4Ds

 Tower of Power (Jennifer does some tumbling at 6:50 into it)lsNLIxlldPg

Dream is a Wish from Cinderella (song begins at 1:25)